Like the prairie landscape, life can feel chaotic and wild..

Here at Wild Prairie Family Therapy, I will work with you to help you gain insight into your personal landscape.


This means we will work together to explore your concerns, hopes and goals, while taking into account your relationships, community and culture.  I strive to work collaboratively with you, knowing that you possess unique strengths and are the expert on your life.  

Many people go through times in their lives when they feel unsure about who they are or where they are going. These feelings may arise for people for a number of different reasons. This uncertainty can be the source of suffering and pain. I can help you during these difficult times. As a Marriage and Family Therapist  I am trained to identify problematic patterns of relating that often keep people stuck in negative cycles. Once potential patterns are identified we can work together to find alternatives.

It is my hope that through this collaboration process you will gain a greater understanding about what anchors you in your personal landscape, so that in times of joy, sadness, fear, curiosity, anger or shame you will be able to access this knowledge to move through your life in ways that fit for you and your family


Individual Therapy - Couple Therapy - Family Therapy - Circle of Security Groups


Deciding to reach out for help can be a very scary experience for many people.  Furthermore, in a culture that pushes individuals to be self-sufficient and independent, people tend to judge themselves harshly for not being able to "solve" their problems on their own.  However it is important to understand that humans tend to be more resilient and better able to move through their struggles when they have support and guidance. Seeking support to gain a better understanding of how to manage your struggles is not a sign of weakness, but in reality, a sign of a person who is caring for themselves and is on a journey towards conquering their struggles.

Individual Therapy


And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom

- Anais Nin

Couple Therapy


We come together on the basis of sameness and grow by discovering and respecting our differences

- Virginia Satir 

Circle of Security


This 8 week closed group uses a video format that builds from week to week.  The video material focuses on infants and toddlers, but the information learned is applicable to raising children of all ages.  

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Jasmin FInch, MMFT, RMFT

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